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The Law Office of Attorney Conway is an experienced Bergen County criminal defense law firm located in Paramus serving clients in New Jersey facing a range of criminal matters, including DWIs, drug offenses, violent crimes, gun crimes, theft and more. Our firm also has significant experience in helping clients expunge their record and avoid significant fines and points when issued traffic tickets. In addition to criminal and municipal defense, our firm works closely with clients who need help regarding estate planning & administration, commercial law, and zoning matters.

Making a Difference

With over 30 years of experience, our firm fights for the rights of those facing significant legal issues. We work tirelessly to help our clients resolve their matters in the best possible fashion. In doing so, our firm has helped thousands of clients, while leaving judgment at the door. We work closely with every client. We work to protect each individual’s rights while easing that stress through the process by providing easy accessibility and constant individual attention. When you get to know our firm, you will be glad you chose The Law Office of Attorney Conway. For a consultation to discuss your legal matter with our firm, contact us today.

Why choose attorney Conway?

  • Experienced: With over 30 years of fighting for clients’ rights, Attorney Conway knows the nuances of New Jersey criminal law and the culture of criminal courts across the state.
  • Accessible and Attentive: Attorney Conway gives every client his full attention. He recognizes how stressful these issues can be and will take the time to discuss legal issues with his clients.
  • Results-Driven: Attorney Conway celebrates an esteemed reputation among legal professionals, courts, and his clientele based on his success in the courtroom over the years.
  • Dedicated: Our firm will not stop short when clients need us to go the mile. We are dedicated legal professionals that will do everything in our power to help clients come to a positive conclusion.

Bergen County Criminal Defense


People who are arrested for a DWI in New Jersey are facing a serious matter. First, Second & Third offenses, Drug DWIs, and High BAC DWI’s deserve the attention of an experienced and zealous law firm.


Theft charges can be significant. The crime’s consequences correlate directly with the value of the property in one’s possession. Simple shoplifting can mean jail if the wrong item is stolen. Call an attorney.

Drug Crimes

Being arrested with drugs can be devastating to one’s future. Whether you are arrested with marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or prescription drugs, our firm is ready to protect your rights while we work to mitigate the consequences.

Gun Crimes

New Jersey’s gun laws are strict. Whether you are arrested for illegal possession of a firearm or any other gun offense, it is important to consult with an attorney immediately. Our firm is significantly experienced with gun laws.

Juvenile Offenses

When a child makes a mistake, it shouldn’t destroy their future. If your child committed a crime in New Jersey, our firm is ready to take the necessary steps to protect them from the future impact of their past.

Traffic Violations

Even the smallest traffic infraction can have lasting consequences. Whether you are caught speeding or face a more significant ticket, like careless or reckless driving, contact our firm to fight the ticket.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are the most serious offenses an individual can commit and often result in years behind bars if found guilty. If you know someone held on a violent crime charge, contact us to represent them and fight for their freedom.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in New Jersey and often results in the individual serving time behind bars and being required to register as a sex offender. Anyone in this situation should hire an attorney as soon as possible.


Just because one makes a mistake doesn’t mean their future should be destroyed. If you have been arrested for certain crimes in New Jersey, you may be eligible to erase your public criminal record.

Reviews From Our Clients

Very Pleased With My Experience

Very pleased with my experience. Mr. Conway was always attentive and made me feel comfortable during a very uncomfortable time in my life.- Harley

Attorney Conway is a Kind and Reliable Attorney

Attorney Conway is a kind, and reliable attorney. Whenever I needed to get into contact with him, he was there to answer my questions and concerns. Would recommend!- Leo

Mr. Conway and His Staff Were Extremely Thoughtful and Considerate

Mr. Conway and his staff were extremely thoughtful and considerate of me and my case. I truly appreciated everything he did for me. It was reassuring to know how much he cared and believed in me.- Mildred H.

I Recommend Him

Mr. Conway provides me with excellent service. I got moving violation in Suffern, NY and he converted it to a nonmoving violation with minimum fine, he charged me a very reasonable price. I recommend him to anyone and if I need a lawyer I will go back to him.- S.L.

Highly Recommended

I can’t thank his team enough. They were excellent and very timely and through and grateful that I called him and his team. He also made an excellent recommendation for a matter in Manhattan that I am waiting on the outcome, but feel confident that without him and his recommendations my insurance would have skyrocketed. Highly recommend.- Sam H.

He Did A Great Job With My Case

He did a great job with my case and even helped my father as well. Definitely, recommend him to others if you need a good lawyer!- Stravenski S.

He is a Fantastic Lawyer

I have use Attorney Conway for many years. He is a fantastic lawyer, a good listener and knows his law. You can’t go wrong if you retain his counsel. He is there for his clients 24/7 and that’s a beautiful thing!- Lori B.

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