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Over the last several years, a number of states throughout the country have voted to legalize recreational marijuana. While the possibility of legalizing marijuana has been a hot topic in New Jersey as well, the drug is still illegal. In fact, for a short period of time in 2018, prosecutions for low-level marijuana crimes were put on hold but have since resumed. Individuals who find themselves charged with a marijuana possession crime often face a number of different consequences, including but not limited to fines and jail time. Of course, there are a number of different factors that must be considered. If you have been charged with a marijuana possession crime in New Jersey, contact The Law Office of Attorney Conway today to discuss your case.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in NJ

Individuals who are facing marijuana possession charges in New Jersey are facing an uncertain future. Like many other crimes, the amount of marijuana that the individual had in their possession at the time of the arrest is one of the key factors in determining the punishment. The penalties of possessing marijuana that was clearly just for personal use are much less serious than if the individual had so much in their possession that it lead law enforcement to believe they are distributing the drug. The penalties for marijuana possession in New Jersey are as follows:

  • 50 grams or less: disorderly persons offense, a fine of up to $1,000, and up to 6 months of jail time
  • More than 50 grams: a misdemeanor crime, up to 1.5 years of jail time, and a fine of up to $25,000

It is also important to be aware that if an individual was arrested within 1,000 feet of a school, they are subject to 100 hours of community service and additional fines on top of the other penalties.

Marijuana Possession Defenses

When an individual is facing marijuana possession charges in the state of New Jersey, the penalties they face can have a significant impact on their life. Therefore, having a strong legal team to represent one’s case is essential. At The Law Office of Attorney Conway, we are committed to fighting for our clients and helping them avoid jail time or a conviction. We will look at all of the circumstances surrounding the arrest, including whether law enforcement failed to have the necessary search warrant or failed to read Miranda Rights. There are many ways that an individual’s case can be dismissed. Let The Law Office of Attorney Conway defend your future.

Contact a New Jersey Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Attorney Conway understands the consequences of being convicted of a marijuana possession charge. Having a criminal record can follow an individual for the rest of his or her life. We are committed to protecting your future from the pitfalls of a conviction. If you have been charged with a crime in NJ, contact The Law Office of Attorney Conway today for quality legal representation.

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