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Bergen County Theft Attorney

Theft Attorney in Paramus, NJ

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Theft is a very serious crime in New Jersey and covers a very wide range of different criminal matters. While some theft cases include theft of another party’s physical property, others may be a matter of fraud. Of course, theft is still serious no matter what was stolen. In New Jersey, the penalties of a theft conviction correlate with the value of the property that was stolen. Stolen items with a greater value typically come with more consequences than items of a much lesser value. With a theft conviction on one’s criminal record, it can be challenging to obtain the housing, loans, and jobs you want, even years after the conviction took place. It is important to retain the services of an experienced Bergen County theft attorney who can assess your situation, look for all possible defenses, and fight on your behalf in court. For strong legal representation in New Jersey, contact The Law Office of Attorney Conway today.

Consequences of Theft in NJ

When an individual is charged with a theft crime in New Jersey, it is important that they have an understanding of the consequences they may face upon being convicted. A theft conviction can have devastating results and impact a person for the rest of his or her life. With so much on the line, it is critical to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney who has the skill it takes to fight these charges. The breakdown of theft consequences is as follows:

  • Stolen property valued under $200: disorderly persons offense
  • Stolen property valued between $200 and $500: a fourth-degree crime, resulting in up to 18 months in jail
  • Stolen property valued between $500 and $75,000, or the theft of a firearm, vehicle, controlled substance less than a kilogram, or a blank prescription pad: a third-degree theft crime, resulting in up to 5 years of jail time
  • Stolen property greater than $75,000, or extortion, human remains, or theft of a controlled substance greater than one kilogram: a second-degree theft crime resulting in up to 10 years of jail time

Can theft crimes be upgraded?

Like many other crimes, a theft crime can be upgraded to an armed robbery, which is a much more serious offense, if a weapon was involved in the act of stealing property. It is also important to be aware that if the weapon was also stolen, the penalties increase further. Individuals facing armed robbery charges are often subject to the No Early Release Act and must serve a minimum of 85 percent of their sentence before parole will be considered.

Contact a New Jersey theft attorney

If you have been charged with a theft crime in the state of New Jersey, retaining an experienced defense attorney is essential. These crimes are very serious and can impact you every day for the rest of your life. The legal team at The Law Office of Attorney Conway is ready to defend your case, no matter how serious. Contact us today.

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