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Can I Be Charged With a Crime Based On Someone Else’s Testimony Alone?

When the state decides to charge you with a crime, you probably assume that they must have a lot of evidence against you. There is no way they would push forward with a case based solely on the testimony of someone else, right? Actually, the prosecution can bring charges against you based on someone else’s testimony. They do not need to show anything else. If you find yourself fighting any kind of charges, you need to take them seriously. Talk to a Bergen County criminal defense attorney from our firm to see how we can help.

Is Testimony Considered Evidence?

If you think that the prosecution is crazy to pursue charges with no evidence, they are not. They do have evidence because testimony is considered evidence. Some people do not realize that it can be a crucial building block of a case just like fingerprints or DNA evidence.

However, if a case is moving forward just based on someone else’s testimony alone, that could mean that the prosecution does not have much against you. They are hoping that this testimony will be quite convincing, So that means that it is imperative that you make the jury doubt this witness.

How Can I Make a Jury Doubt Testimony Against Me?

There are a few ways to cast doubt on the testimony of an eyewitness or accuser. Common methods include:

Questioning credibility: A witness has to be credible, sticking to the truth the entire time. If you can show that the witness said one thing to a 911 operator and something else to an arriving officer, that can show that their testimony may not be so reliable. You could also mention the background of a witness, like crime convictions, if it would make them look less convincing.

Accusing of bias: Maybe this witness has something against you. Would they benefit from you being convicted of a crime? A lawyer can cast doubt on their testimony by showing that a witness might not be as impartial as the prosecution would have everyone believe.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

We recommend talking to a criminal defense lawyer, even if you think that your public defender is just fine or that this case against you is no big deal. Public defenders can have huge caseloads, so your attorney might not have enough time and energy to devote to your case.

An attorney from our firm will do everything that they can to help you cast doubt on the veracity of the testimony against you. Because this is the only thing the prosecution has to use against you, you stand a better chance of getting acquitted and walking away without being subject to harsh penalties like fines or imprisonment.

Talk to Our Lawyers Today

Even if you think that you can easily beat the charges against you, contact the Law Office of Attorney Conway and schedule a consultation. We can take a closer look at your case and make sure that you have the best defense possible.

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