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How Can I Navigate The Bail And Bond Process?

If you have never experienced the bail and bond process before, you are probably going to have some questions. Going through this after being charged with a crime can be quite stressful, but a Bergen County criminal defense attorney can help make the process seem a bit less confusing. Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

When is Bail Set?

After you are arrested and booked for allegedly committing a crime, bail has to be set. The amount will be set by a judge, but there is usually a standard amount for specific crimes. For example, two defendants who commit burglary and have no other criminal record could probably expect to have to pay a similar amount for bail.

In some cases, no bail will be set. This is because the judge has determined that the defendant is a danger to others and needs to be kept in jail until their trial.

What Are the Bail and Bond Options?

When someone wants to be released on bail, there are often a few options. A defendant can:

Pay cash: If the defendant or someone associated with them can post 10% of the bail amount in cash, the defendant can be released. The rest of that bail would have to be paid if the defendant failed to show up in court though.

Use a cash bond: For minor crimes with low bail amounts, a defendant can pay the entire amount in cash and agree to show up in court. If they do not show up, they forfeit the money.

Get R.O.R.: A defendant can be released on their own recognizance, indicating that the court trusts them to show up to court and that they will not be a danger to others.

Use a property bond: If the defendant owns property, they can actually use that to pay their bail. A lien gets placed on the property and the defendant not showing up for court can result in the property rights going to the court.

What Happens After Bail is Paid?

Once bail is paid, a defendant can leave jail. They will be able to stay out of jail until their court date, provided that they follow the instructions that they have been given by the court. You do not want to travel out of state, as that could be seen as an attempt at flight. You also need to show up to court on time. Even if you are just a few minutes late, you can end up running into additional legal problems and forfeiting what you have already paid.

Talk to an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing any kind of criminal charges, you need to take them seriously. You need the assistance of a seasoned defense attorney. So contact the Law Office of Attorney Conway and schedule a consultation as soon as you can.

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