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What are the Consequences of a New Jersey Speeding Ticket?

The most widely known traffic violation in any state is speeding. All drivers are required to abide by the speed limit in the state of New Jersey. However, it is also one of most frequently violated laws of the road. Individuals that fail to oblige with New Jersey’s traffic laws can face certain consequences as a result of their actions. Continue reading below to learn more and contact a New Jersey traffic violation attorney if you received a traffic violation.

What is the New Jersey Point System?

When a driver is issued a speeding ticket, they can be subject to certain penalties. The most common and pressing penalty is points on their license. When a person is issued points, their insurance premiums can go up and result in many additional costs for years to come. In New Jersey, the point system is as follows:

  • 1-14 miles over the posted speed limit: 2-point violation
  • 15-30 miles over the posted speed limit: 4-point violation
  • 30 miles or more over the posted speed limit: 5-point violation

What is the Cost of a New Jersey Speeding Ticket?

In addition to points on their license, the driver found speeding will also be responsible for paying a fine that corresponds with the speed they were traveling at. The cost of speeding tickets in New Jersey is as follows: 

  • Speeding by 1-9 mph: $85
  • Speeding 10-14 mph: $95
  • Speeding by 15-19 mph: $105
  • Speeding by 20-24 mph: $200
  • Speeding by 25-29 mph: $220
  • Speeding by 30-34 mph: $240
  • Speeding by 35-39 mph: $260

Can I Fight a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey?

Fortunately for many, it is possible to fight a speeding ticket in the state of New Jersey. This begins with not pleading guilty on the ticket and contacting an experienced attorney who is prepared to fight for your rights. The right attorney can work to uncover a variety of defenses to your ticket, such as whether or not the radar gun was properly calibrated, if the stop was unlawful, and more. An attorney can help to have your charges mitigated through a plea bargain or dropped altogether. 

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