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A mother and her young son sit on a wooden floor, gazing at each other with smiles while surrounded by spread out maps, engaged in permanency planning together.

What is the Department of Children Protection and Permanency?

When the Department of Children Protection and Permanency knocks on your door, you may feel overwhelmed and nervous about losing your children. Of course, no parent wants to go through this. When the DCPP does knock on your door, it is critical that you are cooperative with them to an extent, especially at the initial meeting. DCPP workers come into contact with all kinds of people. It is no surprise that some people are outright hostile. That initial hostility can leave a lasting, negative impression on the DCPP worker who writes down absolutely everything that they observe at that meeting. Be aware that every time the DCPP receives a referral from any source they are legally required to investigate it. It is their obligation, their statutory obligation, to come out and investigate all allegations of child abuse and neglect.

When a DCPP worker is met with blatant hostility or a refusal to let them in the home, the person being investigated sets the tone of the investigation off in a very negative way. There are certain things that DCPP investigators are going to get in the course of their investigation. One of those things is access to the children. Denying access to children tends to be a big red flag.  In addition, access to their medical records is also generally something the DCPP workers are going to get with, or without, parental consent.

These are a few of the things that it is important to cooperate with. There are other things – and they don’t necessarily have to tell you the true nature of the allegation that’s being investigated. It is important that parents consult with legal counsel before going into details regarding specific allegations of child abuse.

If you have been visited by the Department of Children Protection and Permanency in New Jersey, it is critical that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Our firm understands what is at stake and can help you explore your options going forward. Contact us today to see how we can help.

If you need assistance with a criminal defense matter in the state of New Jersey, contact The Law Office of Attorney Conway today to discuss your situation. 

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