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What to Know About Juvenile Crimes in New Jersey

Juvenile crimes are committed by those under the age of 18. Even if they turn 18 years old during court proceedings, they can still be tried as a juvenile since that was when the crime was committed. The goal of juvenile court is to hold juveniles accountable and to work toward rehabilitation. If you are charged with a juvenile crime, it is important that you retain the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney to walk you through the process. Read on for more information regarding juvenile crimes in New Jersey and what the process entails.

What are Juvenile Proceedings?

Depending on the circumstances, a juvenile case can be handled in one of the following ways:

  • Juvenile Conference Committee or Intake Services Conference: The juvenile and their parents discuss the offense with a trained citizen volunteer panel or a Judiciary staff person. This process is informal and does not determine delinquency. Instead, recommendations are made regarding consequences and given to a judge to be approved.
  • Juvenile referee/Informal court: A hearing takes place in which the juvenile admits or denies the offense. The referee reviews the facts of the case, determines delinquency, and recommendations are made to the judge for approval. The child’s defense can disagree with the findings before they are presented to the judge.
  • Judge/Formal court: A judge oversees a court hearing where the juvenile pleads guilty or not guilty. The court can order a consequence to rehabilitate the child.

What Consequences Can a Juvenile Face?

If a juvenile is guilty of committing a crime, they can face the following consequences as a result of their actions:

  • Community service
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Release to a parent or guardian
  • Required support services or parental involvement
  • Residential mental health and/or substance abuse and alcohol treatment
  • Restitution
  • Transfer of custody
  • Secure confinement/incarceration
  • Suspended driver’s license
  • Work, outdoor, academic, and/or vocational programs

If you or a loved one is being charged with a juvenile crime, you will want strong legal representation. A mistake made as a child should not impact you for the rest of your life. A criminal defense attorney will work to lower your charges and help you get back on track. Contact our firm today to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.


Kevin T. Conway is an experienced Bergen County criminal attorney handling DUI, DWI, traffic violations, violent crimes, sex crimes, illegal gun possession, shoplifting, and juvenile crimes. Attorney Conway is also experienced in commercial law matters, zoning law, and estate planning. If you need an aggressive criminal lawyer, contact The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway for a free consultation.

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