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A vibrant display of fireworks in a New Jersey night sky, featuring bursts of white, red, and blue sparks with trails of light.

What are New Jersey’s Firework Laws? | What to Know

If you plan to light fireworks on the Fourth of July, it is important to first know the laws. In New Jersey, certain fireworks are illegal. Purchasing, selling, and lighting illegal fireworks can lead to serious trouble. Read on to learn more about New Jersey’s firework laws.

What are New Jersey’s Firework Laws?

In New Jersey, it is legal to sell and possess the following types of non-explosive fireworks.

  • Handheld sparklers
  • Ground-based sparklers
  • Snakes
  • Glowworms
  • Smoke devices
  • Trick noisemakers

It is important to know that there are many types of fireworks that are still illegal in New Jersey. This includes explosive and aerial fireworks. These can only be used in public displays that are permitted. However, there are still restrictions regarding their usage, such as:

  • It is unlawful to sell, offer for sale, possess, or use them without a valid permit
  • The permit must be issued by a municipality after submitting an application in writing and posting a bond for the display
  • The chiefs of police and fire departments are required to approve the permit
  • An identification number of the firework types must be on the permit

What are the Consequences of Illegal Fireworks?

If an individual does not abide by New Jersey’s firework laws, they can face certain consequences. This is because they are putting themselves and others in danger through the illegal possession and use of fireworks.

When it comes to fireworks, you can be found guilty of a crime in the fourth degree if you sell, offer or expose for sale, or possess with intent to sell.

If you buy, use, discharge, ignite or possess any illegal fireworks, you can be found guilty of a petty disorderly person’s offense.

If you are facing charges in New Jersey, you will need the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Contact our firm to discuss your case with an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney.


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