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Driver's view inside a car, holding a cell phone and texting while driving on a tree-lined road during daytime, highlighting dangerous behavior.

What Are the Consequences of a Cell Phone Violation in NJ?

If you are charged with using a cell phone while driving, you can expect to face consequences. Read on and reach out to our skilled Bergen County traffic ticket attorney today.

What constitutes a cell phone violation in New Jersey?

It is no secret that cell phones have become a part of everyday life, and as a result, so have cell phone violations. There are several different types of cell phone violations identified in the state of New Jersey. The most common instances of violations involving the use of cell phones on the road that our firm has seen include:

  • Searching the internet
  • Writing, sending, reading, or receiving any data, such as text messages, emails, or using social media
  • Talking on a handheld phone
  • Watching or taking any photos or videos
  • Playing games

Do not wait to reach out to our firm today if you would like to learn more about cell phone violations, or if you have been charged with this offense. Give us a call today to begin.

What are the consequences of a cell phone violation in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, drivers who use their cell phones while operating a vehicle can be stopped by law enforcement and given a ticket. A cell phone violation has several other negative consequences as well. One of the consequences includes a fine. It is important to note that the amount a person owes in fines for a cell phone violation is heavily dependent on the nature of the offense. The penalties include and are not limited to the following:

  • If it is a driver’s first offense, they can face a fine between $200 and $400
  • If it is a driver’s second offense, they can face a fine between $400 and $600
  • If it is a driver’s third or subsequent offense, they can face a fine between $600 and $800.

If you are facing the consequences of a cell phone violation, you will need to hire the services of a skilled and dedicated criminal defense attorney. An attorney will be able to work on reducing your charges and fines. Reach out to us today to get started.

What are the exceptions to this violation?

Even though there are laws that restrict drivers in New Jersey from using their cell phones while operating their vehicles, there are numerous ways in which car manufacturers have included cell phone technology into their vehicles for hands-free use. As a result, there are specific exceptions to New Jersey’s cell phone laws that allow drivers to use their phones behind the wheel, including:

  • If a driver has any suspicion that his or her safety or life is in danger because of a possible criminal act
  • If a driver is trying to report a fire, traffic crash, road hazard, medical emergency, or a reckless driver to emergency services



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